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There is a lot more to travel medicine than vaccines. It is important that you visit a specialist in travel health before embarking on any trip. Whether or not your journey will require vaccines, visiting a travel health specialist will ensure that you are informed about the best way to stay healthy and safe.

Probably you are planning on going on an adventure into the south-American forests, preparing for a holy visit to Mecca, visiting an exotic country for business or something else that requires you leaving the UK. Wherever your intended location, the My Woodgrange Pharmacy travel clinic based in London will help you to ensure that you have adequate protection while traveling and that you are equipped with the most recent travel health updates necessary for your journey.

Why are travel vaccines important?

Visiting travel health clinics isn’t something that should be left to chance. It is very highly recommended that you visit a travel health clinic before making a trip outside the country most importantly if infectious diseases are known to be present in that location. Consider the following reasons carefully:

– If you fall sick during the period of your trip, it can incur very high expenses for you especially if you have to use an airlift or be transferred from the country.

– Falling sick could make you become a threat not just to other travelers but also to yourself and to the locals.

– If you contract an infection and return with it, you would become a threat to the health and life of the people in your home country especially your family and friends.

– Medical specialists want you to get the best out of your trip and falling ill while on your trip is no fun.

A lot of countries require that you must have received specified vaccinations before you are allowed passage into their country. Many nations set a requirement that proof of your immunization must be presented so as to ensure that the locals are protected. Arriving without proof of your immunization would mean that you have to return to your country and all expenses would be borne by you.

There are viruses and bacteria that you have no immunity against. When you leave your home country, you could be exposed to such viruses and bacteria which will, in turn, result in your having a disease or an infection.

When you pay a visit to a travel health clinic, you help to keep yourself safe and happy during your trip thereby erasing all the aforementioned issues. By being immunised before you travel, you get the much-needed protection for your health against diseases which could result in serious health cases.

How travel vaccines protect you

A lot of travel vaccines keep you safe from various diseases but the thing is, they have a similar way of doing their work. Basically, you will be injected with a solution that is meant to stimulate your body to produce white blood cells that are specially designed to tackle a certain kind of infection. So, exposure to such virus or bacteria will cause the antibodies to become activated and keep you safe by killing-off the infection.

It is recommended that vaccinations should be taken at least 21 days before your trip so that you will allow your body all the time it needs to produce the right amount of antibodies to keep you protected.

The lifespan of vaccines

Depending on the vaccine, some may last for just a few years while some other vaccines can even last throughout your entire life.

The travel vaccines required for you

How do you decide what travel vaccines are required for you?

The part of the world you are headed, the exact location you’ll be staying at, and the kind of activities you will engage in while you’re there will determine what kind of vaccines you need to be given. On the travel website of the NHS, you will be given a detailed rundown of the necessary antimalarial and vaccines you that are required for each country. Take ample time to study and review the information on the NHS travel website. It is extremely important to visit a health specialist so as to cross-check what you really require.

Malaria and how to avoid being infected by it

Malaria is a disease that is transmitted mostly by the Anopheles mosquito by sucking blood from your body. Sometimes, malaria can be fatal. There are four known types of malaria parasite which has an adverse effect on human beings and they are found in different parts of the world. Due to this fact, various antimalarial medicines are now sold in the market.

When to visit a travel health clinic

The most recommended time to schedule an appointment at a travel health clinic is 6 to 8 weeks before the day of your departure because this will give your body all the time it needs for the vaccinations to become fully effective. Doing this will also help to ensure that you remain safe during your trip and that you return back home to your country in good health.

My Woodgrange Pharmacy Travel Clinic London

At the My Woodgrange Pharmacy Travel Clinic in London, we have specially trained pharmacists to administer all the necessary travel vaccinations you will need and to prescribe the right antimalarial tablets for the area you’re traveling to. We strive to ensure that you are protected and happy on your trip by also providing you with all the important information and the best advice you will need to keep you safe and healthy.

Give us a call at 020 8555 5660 to book an appointment with the My Woodgrange Pharmacy Travel Clinic in London if you wish to discuss your travel plans with us or you can simply begin your free travel online consultation now.

You can also walk into our travel clinic at your convenience and we will help you make the best decisions regarding traveling.

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